God Save The Florrie

CLIENT : The Florrie / VIolette Records
Visual art


Jamie Reid's iconic designs, so indelibly associated with the late 1970's punk scene in England, opened my young mind to a reality that imagery can be as powerful and emotive as the sound it represents. He is the main reason I do what I do today.

It was therefore an incredible honour to be afforded the opportunity in 2015 to collaborate with Jamie on a graphic design which would raise awareness of the social gem we know as The Florrie.

The Florrie, formally known as The Florence Institute, is a beautiful Grade II listed building in south Liverpool which was recently rescued from demolition and obscurity to become a community hub which inspires hope, friendship and creativity amongst its patrons.

Jamie and I are both passionate and proud of our "God Save The Florrie" graphic and its representation of the continued evolution of The Florrie and the inspiration and pride it brings to the people of Liverpool.

I dedicate my contribution to the good people entrusted with managing The Florrie and to all the volunteers whose tireless effort and dedication ensure a sustainable and bright future.


God Save The Florrie


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