The Violette Box

CLIENT: Violette Records (UK)
Postcards box


Violette Records is the exclusive home to Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band. The label measures itself on the unique quality of all its output paying particular attention to its visual presentation and design.

I am the label designer and I celebrate achievements to date in curating The Violette Box: a collection of the label’s designs and photography on assorted media appropriately bound with a red elastic band and lovingly presented. The Violette Box contains: The Tale of Violette & Perpetua, 17 postcards photographies, 8 postcard facsimile posters, stickers of Violette & Perpetua and a Perpetua enamel badge.

On sale on michaelhead.net

Tale by Geoff King / Photographies by Jess Rose, Julien Bourgeois, fontilan & John Johnson
Box, postcards and tale printed on Fedrigoni paper
s in beautiful Italy by Grafiche Zanini  / Limited Edition 200 copies

Photographies : Monsieur Louis @ WestImage


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